Ratical Dogs


Ratical Dogs was founded by the founder of Dodger's Paws, Christine Salazar.  She wanted to focus solely on teaching rat sports and it was a hit!  When she moved out of state there was a hole left in all of our hearts.  We have revived the name to be the club name for our rat sports participants.   

We are a positive reinforcement based training facility and will help you and your dog learn how to have fun hunting for the rats.  Some dogs have a natural sense of what to do and others need a little help to realize exactly how fun the game can be!  We will go at your dog's pace! 

We will help prepare you to compete in Barn Hunt (www.barnhunt.com) and the various games they have available. (Crazy 8's & Line Drive).

The rats are our family members, they are cared for with the same level of compassion and love that our dogs receive.  They have large homes that have a variety of enrichment puzzles and places for them to hang out.  We take the care of our rats very seriously and will always put their health and safety first. 

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Barn Hunt

$180, 6 weeks - 1 Hour Sessions each week

Is your dog obsessed with squirrels? Does he need an outlet for his pent-up energy?

Are you just looking for a fun and different activity to do with your dog?

If you answered yes to any of these, then Barn Hunt is for you!

This growing dog sport allows dogs to safely use their nose to search for and find rats hidden in a straw bale maze.

Rats are handled and hidden safely in specialized, bite-proof containers by your instructor. Dogs only have protected contact with our healthy, bred-for Barn Hunt, pet rats.

Our rats love working with the dogs and have been trained for this work since they were babies! They are beloved pets and very well cared for under strict Barn Hunt Association rules.

Learn about preparing for competition or just come and play for fun!

Dogs must be able to handle confinement in a crate inside a car or properly equipped vehicle between turns.  As the weather gets warmer come prepared with water, fans and shade covers.


Proof of DHPP and Rabies are required.

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