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Puppy Discovery Socials

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Helping your puppy explore new surfaces and meet new friends!!
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Puppy Social 

Between 3 weeks and 16 weeks of age, puppies go through a critical socialization period. Puppies are soaking up information about the world and it is critical that these experiences be positive and not overwhelming.

Our Puppy Best Beginnings Level 1 class is our foundation group puppy class. It is a 6 week class and we will work on teaching puppies basic manners and obedience training.  Our Puppy Discovery, Enrichment and Social exposes puppy to a wide variety of items to ensure early confidence building and problem solving.  


We strongly encourage people to do both our Foundation Skills 1 class as well as our Puppy Discovery, Enrichment and Social classes. In fact, if you are waiting for your puppy class to start, the Puppy Discovery Social will kick start your training.

To see our Group Puppy Classes and Socials, please click below.


Puppy Discovery Class - Enrichment Social

$25, 1 session (45 min)

For puppies 9-16 weeks at time of social 

You can use this calculator to make sure that your puppy will be the right age at the time of the social.


Your puppy deserves the very Best Beginning in life!

Our enrichment and socialization sessions are specially designed to provide your puppy a safe place to explore, have essential enrichment opportunities and socialize with other young puppies.
Enrichment, through exposure to novel objects, sounds, textures, noises etc. is critical in the first 8-16 weeks of a puppy’s life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

For puppies 9-16 weeks of age only.


**Please note that some puppies will not have an appropriate play style for this social.**

​There are no make up sessions for this class and no refunds without 48 hour notice

Proof of one DHPP vaccine given one week prior to the start of class and puppy must have been in their home for a minimum of 10 days.

Click Register to see upcoming social dates:


Teen Social - 5-10 Months of Age

$35/session (1 Hour)

Would you like the opportunity for your teen pup to socialize with other pups who are a similar

age in a controlled and safe environment?

That is why we created our Teen Social!


For the safety of everyone, dogs must:

*play well with other dogs
*no resource guarding of food, toys or people
*no reactivity towards people or dogs 

Proof of 2 DHPP vaccines and Rabies is required. 

Due to the limited amount of spots offered for this social, no refunds can be made once you have secured a spot.

**Your spot will not be held unless payment has been made**

There are no make ups for missed classes. 

Class will be cancelled if there are not at least 4 registrations 

Prior to the social - 

Please email your vaccine records to
Proof of 2 DHPP vaccines and Rabies is required

Bring high value reinforcement, a harness and leash

Please note:

Group play is not for all dogs, and that does not make them bad! They likely would prefer a low key gathering with friends vs. being put into a group of stranger pups! 

The instructor will remove dogs from group that he/she feels is not a good fit for the group. 

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