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Join our Rat Sport Class Waitlists!

Thank you for your interest in our Rat Sport Classes!

Registration for our Barn Hunt classes is first opened up to current students so that they can continue with the same day/time if they want to continue with the class. A week or 2 before the new series of classes start, I will open any remaining classes up to the public to register.  This gives our current students the opportunity to register without feeling rushed and needing to continuously watch the class offerings and it gives new students the opportunity to join in on the fun when space is available.

We also have recently introduced Intro to Barn Hunt Workshops which are 2 hours long, 5 dogs per workshop where you get an introduction to the sport, the ring, rats and it's a nice way to see how your dog responds to the sport. 

Waiting for spots in barn hunt classes can be a bit unpredictable, so I wanted to share another fun and exciting class/sport with you. Have you considered our Urban Locating classes? It's not only a nice intro sport but also an excellent way to spark your dog's interest in hunting for rats. 

For your convenience, here's a glimpse of what Urban Locating looks like

One of the advantages of Urban Locating is that we often have a spot or two available more frequently than in barn hunt classes. It provides a unique and engaging experience for both dogs and their owners.

**By completing this contact form you are giving us permission to add you to the interest lists of your choosing! We will not reach out to you about any other classes or offerings aside from the ones selected below.**

Barn Hunt
Urban Locating
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