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Day training is an opportunity for your puppy to work one on one with a skilled professional trainer who will teach your puppy their foundation skills (sit/down/stay/leave it/go to your mat/walking on a loose leash/wait at doors/no jumping and more), make training fun and a great experience. Puppies will be exposed to novel items, to help build their confidence and problem solving skills. 



Day training is a good option for people who need some help getting their puppy started or if you need additional help on certain behaviors. Puppies can start Puppy Day Training Camp 7 days after their first distemper parvo vaccine provided they have lived in your home for at least 10 days. 


Day Training is designed for puppies as young as 8 weeks and through adolescence.  Contact us if you have questions to see if your puppy is a good fit.

Puppy Day Training

$950 for 2 weeks (8- two hour sessions, 16 training hours total)

We are committed to giving your puppy the very best start in life.

Dodger's Paws' Day Training program was designed with developing puppy brains and emotional growth in mind. We provide a safe and enriching place for your puppy to learn and we handle your puppy's training!

With our Puppy Day Training program we have no more than two puppies at a time. Puppies learn best when given many short training sessions with time to relax, rest, nap or play in between. Having a second puppy in the training area is helpful as it gives our instructors the ability to not only work on active behaviors such as sit, down or come with one puppy, but it gives the puppy who is not actively working a great opportunity to work on being calm and relaxed while the other puppy is being trained in the same environment. This will help your puppy learn to settle at home or in other environments when there are distractions present.

Your puppy will be dropped off Mon – Thurs for their training sessions from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00p.m.
Day Training schedule might vary due to shelter in place.

-8- two hour sessions, (16 training hours total)

-Daily Report Card

-One parent meeting (up to 30 minutes) with a day trainer at the end of your sessions

-The Puppy Primer Book by Patricia McConnell PHD

-$20 discount on a Best Beginnings Puppy Level 1 or 2 class

Our Puppy Best Beginnings Level 1 class is our foundation group puppy class. It is a 6 week class and we will work on teaching puppies basic manners and obedience training.  Our Puppy Discovery, Enrichment and Social exposes puppy to a wide variety of items to ensure early confidence building and problem solving. We strongly encourage people to do both our Best Beginnings puppy classes as well as our Puppy Discovery, Enrichment and Social classes. In fact, if you are waiting for your puppy class to start, the Puppy Discovery Social will kick start your training.

To see our Group Puppy Classes and Socials, please click below.

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