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$185, 6 weeks (60 min)

​Get ready to do something fun with your dog!

This class will help you develop a higher level of communication skills that will enable you and your dog to work better as a team. Trick training builds a great bond with your dog and gives them much needed mental stimulation and physical exercise. In addition to being great fun, everyone will love when they shows off their tricks!

This class is appropriate for our young handlers too!  Especially right now while we are sheltering in place.  Younger handlers will need the help of an adult.  


You will use objects around your house to help in some of these tricks! 

Prerequisites: completion of a basic level class.

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$175, 6 weeks (90 min)

This six week class uses a dog's natural abilities for hunting to find hidden treats, toys or other items. Nose work will build confidence and focus as your dog is rewarded for doing what comes naturally! It's also a safe way to provide mental and physical exercise to all types of dogs. Handlers will learn about dog body language and how to motivate their dogs, great tools for developing your relationship with your pet!  Students will need a minimum of five to six cardboard boxes when class starts. Any regular cardboard boxes, such as smaller boxes from Amazon, shoe boxes, etc. will work. Start saving your delivery boxes!

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$175, 6 weeks (90 min)

This class continues to advance the dog's skills taught in the Introduction to Nosework class. We will teach the dogs to identify a target essential oil and continue to increase the team's skills with additional search challenges.  Additionally, we will continue to enhance the handler's skills for building better dog/handler teamwork. Dogs and handlers must have completed Intro to Nosework and have instructor approval to register for this class. **Instructor approval required**

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