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Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes dog
Amazing specialty classes for topics like reactivity, skill building for the show ring, tricks, Canine Good Citizen preparation, and more!

AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep Class

$195, 5 weeks - 1 Hour Sessions

The Canine Good Citizen class will allow you to practice the 10 test items you and your dog need to pass to get your dog's AKC CGC certificate, including meeting a friendly person, accepting grooming and petting, walking nicely on a loose leash alone and through a crowd. They will also demonstrate a sit, down, stay and come, among other items. For the complete list, please visit the AKC's website. This class will not include the test, but it will be offered by another CGC evaluator at a determined date after your class. It will be your option to take the test or continue to practice. Prerequisite - Family Dog 2 or instructor approval.

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$235, 6 weeks - 1 Hour Sessions

Looking for something fun to do with your dog?

This class will help you develop a higher level of communication skills that will enable you and your dog to work better as a team. Trick training builds a great bond with your dog and gives them much needed mental stimulation and physical exercise. In addition to being great fun, everyone will love when they show off their tricks!

This class is appropriate for our young handlers too!

Prerequisites: completion of a basic level class.

Dogs must be people and dog friendly. This class is not appropriate for reactive dogs.

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Jillie Teeth Reactive Dog.jpg

$295, 6 weeks (Week 1 - 90 min, Weeks 2-5 - 60 min, Week 6 - 30 min)

Reactive Dogs exhibit behaviors such as excessive barking, jumping and lunging while on leash.


With the use of positive reinforcement training, you will learn techniques for managing and redirecting your dog and encourage calm behavior in situations that previously resulted in reactivity.


Class size is limited to 4 dogs and will have two instructors.

This class is not for dogs will human aggression or dangerous canine aggression. 

The first class is a mandatory 90 min orientation without your dog.

Proof of DHPP & Rabies vaccines required. 

Please note:

This is a 6 week class:
The first class is a 90 min mandatory orientation without your dog.
Weeks 2-5: Each session will be 60 min 
Week 6: Graduation is 30 min


Please take our Reactive Dog 1 Class questionnaire - this will help us determine if the class setting will be a good fit for you and your dog. 

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