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Puppy Pre K & Discovery Socials

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Introducing our brand new Puppy Pre K Program!



The first 16 weeks of a puppies life can be the most critical time for development of important lifelong skills.  In our Puppy Pre K, your puppy will be with a skilled professional trainer who will help them learn manners (no jumping, no biting etc),  how to appropriately play with other puppies, expose them to novel items to help build their confidence and problem solving skills as well as teach them how to settle in their crate.  We will also reinforce behaviors learned in class such as Touch, Sit, Down & Leave it.  This is not a day training program but a way for your puppy to have some fun and learn manners in a safe enviroment.



This program is for puppies 9-16 weeks (older shy puppies can come until 20 weeks or until it is no longer appropriate). Puppies can start Puppy Pre K 7 days after their first distemper parvo vaccine provided they have lived in your home for at least 10 days. 


Puppy Pre K is limited to a maximum of 5 puppies which means that there will be careful attention paid to each puppy.  We will reinforce positive behaviours (sitting for attention, resting calmly in a crate) and help discourage unwanted behaviors (biting, over the top play and chewing on in appropriate objects).    Your puppy will redirected when unwanted behaviors such as over the top play, jumping up or biting for attention appear, helping them learn how to communicate with us.  


Sign up for 1 week (4 -5 hour sessions Monday-Thursday) $365

Email: Martha to discuss partial week registration

We are committed to giving your puppy the very best start in life.

Dodger's Paws' Puppy Pre K program was designed with developing puppy brains and emotional growth in mind. We provide a safe and enriching place for your puppy to learn and explore!

Your puppy will be dropped off Monday-Thursday  at 8:30a.m 

Puppy Pick up is at 1:30p.m. ($20 late fee after 1:40pm)

What's included?

-Up to 5 hours of Pre K (lots of exploring, playing, resting & learning!)

-Peace of mind knowing that your puppy is safe while you work/learn from home!

-Daily Report on how your puppy did that day

-$20 discount on a Best Beginnings Puppy Level 1 or 2 class

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Between 3 weeks and 16 weeks of age, puppies go through a critical socialization period. Puppies are soaking up information about the world and it is critical that these experiences be positive and not overwhelming.

Our Puppy Best Beginnings Level 1 class is our foundation group puppy class. It is a 6 week class and we will work on teaching puppies basic manners and obedience training.  Our Puppy Discovery, Enrichment and Social exposes puppy to a wide variety of items to ensure early confidence building and problem solving.  Our Puppy PreK (listed above) is a great way to keep your puppy busy while you're working or helping with online school.


We strongly encourage people to do both our Best Beginnings puppy classes as well as our Puppy Discovery, Enrichment and Social classes. In fact, if you are waiting for your puppy class to start, the Puppy Discovery Social will kick start your training.

To see our Group Puppy Classes and Socials, please click below.

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