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Adult Basics

Adult Basics dog
Basic & advanced manners for teenage and adult dogs, along with real world practice in our "Around Town" class!

$235, 5 weeks (60 min)

Utilizing positive reinforcement methods to develop basic manners and obedience, this positive dog training class is designed for dogs 5 months or older who have not yet attended a training class. Behaviors covered include: loose leash walking, sit, down, leave it, settle, polite greetings and more.


Please note: this is not an appropriate class for dogs that bark and lunge at other dogs. Aggressive dogs may be excused from class.  


Proof of one DHPP vaccine given one week prior to the start of class and dog must have been in their home for a minimum of 10 days.   Vaccine records must be emailed to

There are no make ups for missed classes. 

All classes are following our COVID-19 guidelines, you can see the most recent edition here.

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$195, 5 weeks (60 min)

This is a continuation of Family Dog I. Participants will continue to focus on obedience behaviors, incorporating more distractions and holding stays for a longer period of time. The focus is polishing up what was learned in Family Dog 1. Prerequisite - Family Dog I, Puppy II or instructor approval. 

Please note: this class is for dog/people friendly dogs only. Dog that bark and lunge at other dogs or aggressive dogs may have to be excused from class. 

Proof of 1 DHPP vaccine, given at least 7 days prior to the start of class is required. Please email a copy to

There are no make ups or refunds for classes once registered. 

Class will follow our Covid -19 rules. You can find the latest edition of them here



$195, 5 weeks (60 min)

Canine Continuing Education is a class for graduates of Best Beginnings Level 2 or the Family Dog series that want to continue their dog's education and keep training fresh and fun! You and your dog will be working on your teamwork, new challenges, polishing up what you have already learned, as well as learning new techniques and skills.

**Dogs must be dog and people friendly. This class is not appropriate for dogs that bark or lunge at other dogs**

Proof of DHPP & Rabies vaccines required. 


​There are no make ups for missed days for these classes.

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